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First of all I would like to thank my good friend Vincenzo Andrenacci for having given me as a gift this magnificent Treadmill, assembled skilfully himself, by hand with the best materials in the industry. Description of the Treadmill: Treadmill T1 Basic: Iron structure coated in zinc, powder varnished, oven dried at 220 degrees and painted according to the desired colour. Four lateral soft steel discs of 260mm that roll simultaneously with four wheels bolted for spin velocity. Steel axles with mini rubber belts at 200mm rendering the treadmill less noisy. Ball bearings to make the rubber belt run smoothly, made with the same materials used for the best treadmills produced for the gymnasium. Panels of the best wood attached to the rubber belt with steel rivets. Side panels with the best wood with personal inscription. Treadmill T2 Deluxe: This model differs from the T1 Basic as it has alluminium wheels with a 200mm diameter secured with centre pivot bolts of 30mm thus increasing speed and has rows of roller panels with black wheels also with these pivot bolts in place. Treadmill T3 Performance: This model differs from the T2 Deluxe in that it has alluminium wheels of 300 mm with pivot bolts of 60 mm for very high speed performance, further more the roller panels are assembled with the very same high speed white wheels used for rollerblades.