The objective of this site is to introduce the visitor to a wonderful world of the American Pit Bull Terrier, once used for dog fighting and today at man’s service used thanks to its many qualities in various canine sporting activities and in dog therapy, and thus deservingly, receiving more recognition than that attained by other breeds.

In the various sections of the site I will explain the origins and the ADBA standard of the genuine American Pit Bull Terrier, with photographs and specific illustrations.

I would like to emphasise most passionately that this website has not been designed as a guide to those who wish to exploit the inhumane cruelty and push dogs one against the other, on the contrary it will make you realise that this dog is a faithful companion and brilliant watch dog.

I have been in contact with dogs since my teenage years nurturing and developing a great love for them.

In 1998 thanks to frequent travel around the world, in particular the Americas, I had the opportunity to meet a number of excellent types of American Pit Bull Terrier that fed my great interest.

At this point I decided that on my return to Italy I would begin my own breeding kennel for this splendid and incredible breed of dog.

And so it was, in the year 2000 I imported from America some excellent American Pit Bull Terrier with the strongest of blood lines and thus, I founded Central Coast Kennel.

My hard work and professionalism are exclusively dedicated to attaining and guaranteeing a high psychological level and performance of the breed.

Attaining this objective was made possible with the correct and appropriate environment for this type of activity; in fact the place I chose is a natural virgin terrain tranquil and immersed in greenery and silence and far from urbanised high density areas.

The yard is situated on a piece of terrain on my property in a beautiful touristic town on the Adriatic Coast, Abruzzo-Italy. The dogs have lots of space in a natural environment giving extra care and attention to their health and hygiene.

My dogs are not for public domain and I reserve the right to whom I choose to give my dogs.